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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Out of this World

solar-systemthefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my good friend caleb. you may know him from LJ, you may not know him at all. but trust me, he can school your ass in, uh, school. (and music, obviously)

Lucky for me, an interesting linkage occurs between these bands (otherwise I'd just have to push these bands based on their broad range of amazing talent, and who really cares about that?)... from the opening lyrics of The Februarys' "Charismatica" ("parting the stars, parting the stars") to the title of The Spill Canvas's "Himerus and Eros" (the son of Aphrodite (goddess of love) and Ares (god of war), and personification of lust and desire in Greek mythology), to the artist 30 Seconds to Mars (Mars being the Roman mythological god of war, and the planet being the fourth from the Sun in our universe), a theme of astronomy/mythology becomes apparent. I don't plan on getting too far into my metaphorical and allegorical linkages between astronomy and mythology - Just listen to the tracks and let them speak for themselves.

The Februarys - Charismatica

The Spill Canvas - Himerus and Eros

30 Seconds to Mars
- Was it a Dream?