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Thursday, August 10, 2006

planning to wear a sackcloth

it would appear that bringing toothpaste on the plane when i go to florida will not be allowed. that's ok, i wasn't planning on joining the mile high brush club anyway. and to start things off cheekily, here's an old favourite just perfect for the day:

basement jaxx - red alert

now moving on. like most of you, i spend time at various aggregators throughout my day, and usually i have a clue about the bands and songs that are getting a lot of play. however, i apparently slept through the day in music snob school where we learned about silversun pickups. at first (clearly before i listened to anything), i was apprehensive...people were practically gushing. but they must have put some aural crack in them there songs, because i find myself agreeing with the assessments of awesomeness. see if it works on you too (maybe we're all doing the listening equivalent of drinking koolaid, but i think you'll like the taste regardless).

silversun pickups - lazy eye

then there's the seemingly at times ubiquotous diplo's "remix" of everyone's favourite gnarls barkley earworm. like the golddigger remix, this isn't so much a remix as a stripping down/reimagining. but that's what makes it so good. it's also super short, so if you like your music like that, this will work out for you.

diplo - crazy duda

finally, because the pitchfork review was so flattering (although not really all that surprisingly so), i thought i would throw up that track from the new junior boys album.

junior boys - in the morning