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Thursday, August 24, 2006

RE:mix (part deux)

to follow up from yesterday, here's some of the remixes that i didn't post yet that have found their way to me. again there's the age old question of whether the remix is better than the original, and i would have to say that, in at least a few of these cases, it is. at the very least, these remixes are interesting takes on songs that we've all either held close to our hearts for years or have been hearing on hyped up repeat for the better part of the summer. now, the most important question you'll have to ask yourself after giving these tracks a listen is this: does the rudebox remix make anyone else feel like an episode of cops is just around the corner?
finally, totally unrelated to music, but if anyone has any good laptop backpack recommendations, send them my way.

cobra starship - snakes on a plane (bring it) (juan mclean remix)
justin timberlake - sexy back (linus loves remix)
of montreal - disconnect the dots (mixel pixel remix)
robbie williams - rudebox (chicken lips malfunction remix)