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Monday, August 07, 2006


(it's a holiday here in canada, so i've been doing pretty much nothing all day, sorry for the lateness of the post)
often times remixes seem to be either blow-your-mind-awesome or well-that-happened-boring. (unless they are trainwreck style awful, in which case, who doesn't like to listen to a song go all types of tom cruise crazy bad sometimes?) but then there are some songs that get remixed to death, and there are others that seem to want to be remixed from the get go. there are some that are better than the originals, and there are even some that replace the originals. but how does this happen? i mean, we know why the grey album happened, and girl talk is a whole other debate for a whole other day. but what i want to know is, what makes a remix good, and what makes it crap? i have a whole set of wordless criteria in my own head (mainly revolving around the idea of "would this be something i would dance to if i were drunk?", but there's more to it than that). so here's a selection of remixes. you listen, and then tell me which ones you like the best...and if you can put words to it, why. i know the ydb readers are more of the wallflower type, but i will try to find some sort of prize for people that comment and take part in the poll.

ratatat - wildcat (e vax remix)
peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco remix)
jamie lidell - multiply (herbert's hoedown bump)
dfa1979 (r.i.p.) - blood on our hands (chromeo remix)