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Thursday, August 03, 2006

she's free!

if you needed a reason to celebrate today, then get excited. why? because today's the day that lil' kim's house arrest comes to an end. In case you haven't read up on the whole "lil' kim in prison" thing, there's a decent article here, and there's always the wiki. (and if you want to see something hilarious, while only kind of related, go here and look at the second listing).
for as much as her theme to growing up gotti sounded like it was phoned in, she has still released some of the best female hip hop of the past 10 years. yes, she's trashy at times. yes, she may be setting some segment of the women's movement back a few decades. and yes, a lot of her lyrical content is decidedly crass. but at the end of the day, it's good music, and there's really no stopping her now. (and even deborah harry is a fan) so please, sit back and enjoy some lil' kim today.

deborah harry's tribute to lil' kim:
dirty and deep

from the naked truth album
lighters up
shut up bitch

the collaboration with missy, angie martinez, lisa "left eye" lopes, and da brat:
not tonight(remix