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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

this one's for some people

first of all, i should say that, in a few days of rotation on my computer and ipod, these 3 songs have somehow become connected in my mind. i'm not sure if it's similar lyrical content (although i think i may be stretching it there), or if it's just that they fit together musically well, although i couldn't really see all three on tour together. regardless, this one's for some people.
let's start things off with the admission that i am probably the only person who is not a huge fan of alexisonfire who still owns some of their swag. and please understand, i have swag that NO ONE has. it's weird swag, and i am going to stop talking about it. that being said, i do like some of their stuff, and like at least half of the internet, i really liked what dallas green did solo. recently, i got a tip from my MOM that actually panned out. in case you didn't catch him on any of the concert dates this summer, wade (of alexisonfire) has a side project in the works. from the description i was given (again, by mom) ("less screaming, more quiet), i wasn't really sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. there's a subtle undertone of theatrics at play here that really suits his voice, and as we all know, i am a sucker for piano. (more on that later). secondly is a track that goes out to my brother (he of the sunny day real estate fan-ism) jeremy enigk is releasing a new solo album in a few months, and it seems to be a definite improvement from past efforts which seemed to draw all kind of criticism. take a listen and see for yourself.
finally, a new mountain goats track, from me to you. because it's good stuff. and you are my people.

black lungs - in memory
jeremy enigk - been here before
mountain goats - woke up new

and if all that wasn't enough, here's some news for michimi (she of the wheatgrass holding). from ben folds' myspace:

about the new release, 'supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp'.

it's very simple. we took the existing tracks that were done for the ep's, along with 'bitches ain't shit' and 'still' and threw them on an album for mainstream release.

and then

anyway, i'll be in the studio in october. i've got bits and pieces of songs, as i usually do by this time. and i just bought an assload of cheap synthesizers on ebay. i'm not sure i'll use them. haha. maybe the whole thing will be that. who the fuck knows... mainly, i'm just inspired right now.

so on that note, here's one of my favourite ben folds songs, just for you;

ben folds - there's always someone cooler than you