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Monday, August 14, 2006

time machine, baby

i'm not really here right now. well, right now, while i'm typing this, i'm here. but while you're reading this? i am in the future. sort of. ok, it's late and i'm tired and i'm doing my own guest blog spot while i am on vacation with or without my timemachine.
anyway, all confusing attempts at jokes aside, i thought it would be appropriate to travel back in time to the mid 90s. a movie came out that blew me away. really, there was no good reason for it, except for the fact that somehow, i identified. maybe identified isn't the word, since i am not and have never been a horndog de-virginator who is unknowingly spreading HIV. mainly i think i just saw this movie at the right time in my life. plus, it had a killer soundtrack. the movie in question is kids, and love him or hate him, larry clark did good here. it's the kind of story that isn't hit you over the head moralistic--really, there's no lesson in it outside of maybe you should think about using a condom--but it does have a message. unfortunately, i think the message was lost on a lot of the "grown ups". basically, instead of them seeing their teenagers as young adults with real live adult problems and issues, it just seemed to serve as a reinforcement to all of their stereotypes about teens being shiftless and aimless.
but again, a killer soundtrack. let's get to that. first of all, the folk implosion song that everyone and their grandma knows, but it's still good, even now. then there's the always quirky yet catchy daniel johnson, the scare the shit out of you track from slint and one of the best songs that sebadoh released.

folk implosion - natural one
daniel johnson - casper the friendly ghost
slint - good morning captain
sebadoh - spoiled

buy the soundtrack

and just for shits and giggles, here's 2 more folk implosion songs, that you probably maybe haven't heard...from the take a look inside:

slap me
shake a little heaven