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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

an admission of guilt

ok, i have to come clean about today's post. i'm not trying. really, i'm not. 2 weeks in, and i'm still sorting out how to juggle this thing with work and school and just...life. i promise i will get better at it, and you will all reap the benefits. i do have a request though. in a few days, it will be our 100th post here at ydb. i kind of want to do something semi-special. it was suggested awhile ago that i post a list of the 5-10 albums that changed my life. well, i could do that (and most likely will at some point), but for a 100th post it seems remarkably self-indulgent.so i guess my request then would be this: do you have any requests? i mean, i have some hilarious stuff just sitting around waiting to be posted. and i am threatening right now, that if no one has any better suggestions, cat tears may make an appearance. (and if you don't have a clue about what i am talking about...well, trust me, you might not want to know. i might not want you to know). anyway, yes, requests. and always, here's some music. some of which has been kicking about my harddrive for a few days/weeks/months. some of which is fitting for the time of year. if you want to make a game of figuring any of that out, go nuts.

page france - chariot
what made milwaukee famous - idecide
the polyphonic spree - lithium (yes, it's a nirvana cover)