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Friday, September 22, 2006

bakers half dozen

it's the end of the week. i'm tired. you're tired. we've all been counting down the seconds to friday night since the crack of dawn on monday. at some point, we're probably all going to need a nap. but then what? how do we wake up and face this weekend that we've been looking forward to? well, i will always stand by music as being the answer to all your needs. why these songs? no real reason (although in the case of the sonic youth track, i dare you to try and stay in bed if that's the song you're using to wake up to). so here it is, a somewhat eclectic mix of music to get your ass in gear, before you waste your entire weekend watching the discovery channel.

rinocerose - my demons (feat. mark gardener)
sonic youth - drunken butterfly
dj shadow - six days (soulwax remix)
danger mouse & jemini - take care of business (feat. j-zone-bke)
test icicles - what's your damage (alan braxe fred falke remix)
the fratellis - henrietta
ben folds five - steven's last night in town