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Monday, September 11, 2006

band geeks unite!

well, to be more correct, choir geeks unite. today's post is for cait, danielle, sarah, casey, and anyone else who ever spent any time in a choir. let me tell a little story to illustrate why today's post is so awesome. once, in highschool, we were handed out the music to a song from les mis. if memory serves me correct, we were all sort of excited about this. partly because of the inherent geek factor involved in choir (so naturally, we had a weird affinity for showtunes) and partly because this was something in english, that had nothing to do with god, and was written when we were still alive. also, it wasn't the sort of thing that you got roped into singing for some festival or competition...it was fun.
thing is, we never ended up singing it. i'm pretty sure mrs. quinn just threw it out there at the beginning of the year just to keep us coming back. which we did. so i guess, 1 point, mrs. quinn. but still, if we had ever done anything remotely like what the scala choir is doing, we would have had a way better time. i know that it's hard to ignore my obsession with covers, but if you can listen to their version of heartbeats and not have goosebumps, then you might not have a soul. (i will fully admit, however, that the first time i heard this choir, i totally just treated them as a joke...so that you understand, i've included the first track i heard, teenage dirtbag)

teenage dirtbag
she hates me
with or without you

scala choir myspace