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Friday, September 08, 2006

because the original can always be better

it's yet another remix day. yeah, you could call it laziness. or you'd be perfectly within your rights to say that i am just excited that i sorted out the wireless situation and feel the need to post right! now! or we could all just agree that i like remixes, and so do you. google tells me so, and the internet never lies, right? also, if anyone reading this goes to mohawk, let me know...maybe you can hook me up with how your first week went. maybe you want to tell me face to face ENOUGH WITH THE REMIX POSTS!...but somehow i doubt that. ok, i have a half hour, and so i figure you can get maybe...four songs out of me? (uploading takes time, people...plus i need to find an amusing picture, for no good reason), so here's your take for the day:

beck - girl (octet remix)
lady sovereign - hoodie (basement jaxx remix)
basement jaxx - hush boy (les visiteurs remix)
spank rock - far left (u-tern electro-boogie remix)