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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i got four on it?

today there's a fourpack with absolutely no tie in. the songs have nothing to do with one another, and in some cases, putting on after another on a mix tape would kill the mood dead. for real. maybe you're into that sort of thing, but personally i find it to be a bit obnoxious. anyway, these songs are best enjoyed seperately. but i promise they will be enjoyed. i will also fully disclose that at least one of these songs is here mostly because of gratuitous swearing. mostly because that's my state of mind lately. again, i urge you to give me some direction as to what you would like to see here for the big 100th post brouhaha. again, i reiterate the cat tears threat. ok enough with the pleas. listen to these songs. enjoy them. but enjoy them seperately, unless you want to jolt your friends and loved ones.

The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow - lollipopsichord
lady sovereign - hoodie (spank rock remix)
the changes - when i wake
be your own pet - bunk trunk skunk