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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i'll give you a hump day...

wink wink, nudge nudge. actually, the title has nothing to do with any of today's post, it's more an issue of a) it's wednesday b) i'm still not used to getting up "early" and c) i just don't have the creativity going right now. so what am i posting today? well, one band with subject matter i can relate to (and i can see this week, and so can you if you're in hamilton), one band who is currently getting a lot of internet buzz, and one band who seems to always (at least lately) have some sort of devoted army of follwerers online, but i've not yet posted about them. now, i could tell you which song is which, but i am little distracted right now by the news and it's a little hard to concentrate. but also because i like playing games with you all. so good luck. a shiny canadian nickel to the first person who can match the description with the band. (and here's a clue)

shout out out out out - forever indebted myspace
birdmonster - cause you can myspace
the bishops - the only way that i can look is down myspace