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Monday, September 25, 2006

new faves, old faves, and a little wtf action

read the title of today's post. no really. read it. got it? good. that's pretty much (well it's ENTIRELY) the recap of today's post. as well, a little bit of my television viewing last night (note brothers and sisters is the wtf to my rewatching of season 1 of the office and season 3 of arrested development...i also caught the premiere of jericho again, which i like mostly because, until i see heroes tonight, it seems to have the most potential for zombies or ninjas) anyway, back to music. the cloud room. if you weren't into them over a year ago when the song first dropped on the mp3blogosphere, well, you were maybe a little slow on the uptake. i am attempting to remedy the situation. i could write a missive about the band, but someone already explained the whole thing better here. yes, it's pitchfork, so take it all with a pretentious grain of salt (i hear it's essential to a hipster's diet).
then there's the new song by the postmarks which is creating a buzz, apparently. i mean, if you judge solely by aggregator rankings, anyway. here's your assignment for today's post:

1) compare and contrast the aims, goals and mp3s of evidence presented herein by both the postmarks and the cloud room.

2) which group do you feel was more successful in tapping into the x factor that seems to matter only to people who read and write mp3 blogs?

3) wtf is up with the new jet single? i am pretty sure i don't like it...bonus points if you can correctly predict what band/era they will rip off next. extra special bonus points if you can tell me why sloan doing that doesn't bother me nearly as much.

the cloud room - hey now now (not to be confused with the mid/late 90s song of the same name by swirl 360)
the postmarks - goodbye
jet - come on come on