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Friday, September 01, 2006

no thanks, we're chock full!

holy crap it's september. how exactly did that happen? i mean, i know there was a summer somewhere in there, but it seems like it flew by. i'm not sure, but i think this means that i'm getting old. this music however, is not old. it is young like a baby. maybe younger. and less full of shit. and it doesn't cry. work with me here. it's good stuff. and yes, it's another teddybears song, but it's a remix, and judging from the absurdly large amount of you that seem to flock here whenever i post a remix, i assume that you're with me on the "remix, good!" train. as for the other two tracks featured today, they both remind me of how awesome some music was that i listened to in highschool. both the hold steady and the thermals have a sort of energy that just says sweaty all ages (with some grumbling of-age folks sitting at the bar).

teddybears - cobrastyle (diplo remix) myspace
the thermals - a pillar of salt myspace
the hold steady - chips ahoy! myspace