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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

random 5 from the download file

once again, all the thinking is done for you. basically, so is the work, since these songs all came as a result of my trawling the wild world of mp3 blogs. what happens in this (because i know you all like to be spoonfed and have your hands held): i download songs from a variety of places to test them out. then, often times, i end up buying the album. or, if i am feeling that very special combination of busy and lazy, the songs sit in a file i have creatively named "downloads" and then eventually i sit for about an hour or two just listening and trying to remember where exactly those songs came from originally. today, you get to be part of the magic. today i put the whole thing on, set it on random and pressed play. the following are the first 5 songs that came on. any thoughts? my guess is no, like i said, i'm here to do all the thinking for you.

bell x1 - flame (chicken lips mix)
the frames - perfect opening line
veruca salt - circular trend
the awkward stage - morons are winning (please note that, hilariously, this is classified as an import by amazon canada)
mactronics - madlymantics