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Friday, September 15, 2006

whiter shade of pale

ever since i heard his work in the dj kicks series, i've always had a soft spot for erlend oye. yeah, i can totally understand some of the critics (his voice is too breathy, he's too one dimmensional, why does he have to sing), but for all of their critcisms, i find myself seeing the flip side of the coin, and actually enjoying those aspects of the music. awhile back, i heard that he was involved in another project, and promptly forgot about it. and then today, lo and behold, pitchfork has a half decent review of said project, and off i go in search of it. having now listened to the album in it's entirety (which was half the reason that today's post is coming so late), here were my impressions:
1) i kind of feel a little like sonic youth took some ludes and travelled back in time with a laptop to visit themselves, and maybe they took sianspheric and hum with them...
2) this feels like watching a college jam band who are really into their own riffs and shoes
3) shoegaze!
4) shoegaze pop!
5) i wonder how long until this is used on a montage on the o.c.
so to summarise, it's good. it's really good. although it took a few listens to really get into it. so here, for you, the whitest boy alive, from the album dreams

don't give up

their myspace