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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

woo hoo emily haines!

(see, i promised that exact title). so there's a veritable pantload of albums coming out today. but if you, like myself, are finding some newfound budgetary restraints, today's the sort of day that makes you want to curl up into a little ball in the corner, because there are so many options, and not enough money to buy them all. now i realize that for some ydb readers, this whole dilemma isn't the same as those of us here in the great white north. you have to wait until the 26th to get this album. sucks to be you, but it's still my pick. first of all, i have to admit that the partial reason for my pick today is my own strange brand of patriotism. you get points just for being canadian. sadly, those are the only points some bands get (not any of the ones we feature here, but you get the gist of it). if you've been a fan of metric for any length of time, chances are, at some point you've found yourself
standing slack jawed in an audience, having lost control of your limbs some time ago, watching emily haines do what she does best. (that being, being emily haines). yeah, some people might try to convince you that they know the recipe for an emily haines (1 cup blondie, 3/4 of karen o, a sprinkling to taste of bss) but they're lying. and for anyone who that they had her all figured out, today's solo release knives don't have your back should send them back to their test kitchen. here's the evidence:

our hell
the lottery

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