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Thursday, September 14, 2006


so i don't know about you, but for me, it's not every day that i get email from someone purporting to be a pirate. so you can understand why, although i got an email about david & the citizens, from someone called pirate! brooke black i waited awhile before opening it (the subject line of, Swedish Meatballs Delivered Fresh From David & the Citizens, seemed a little spammy to me as well. but eventually i did get around to opening it, and here is what i found:
The Making of "Until the Sadness Is Gone":

David & the Citizens recorded this album in Malmö (a small city in Southernmost Sweden, home to bands like the Cardigans and the Ark) with producer Jens LindgÄrd (Franz Ferdinand, the Cardigans, April March, St. Etienne). During the recording, and in between bouts of Playstation and Jim Beam bourbon, the band hung different metallic and glass objects on a string from the ceiling and hit them softly and randomly, "to produce the sound of a drunken boat in a storm." They turned a bicycle upside down and ran a drumstick across the spinning wheels for the song "As You Fall (I Watch With Love)". They ended up with an album that has already earned them tremendous acclaim in Sweden: they received a nomination for a Swedish Grammy (Best Pop Group) in 2004; they've performed at numerous major European indie rock festivals; and P3, one of Sweden's largest television stations, produced a documentary on the band that has been aired repeatedly throughout Sweden and Denmark.

The US release features original artwork by Brendan Monroe and two bonus tracks, "Betina" and "Glued to the Light," that a re not available on the Swedish version.

so i listened. and i liked. and now i'm passing it onto you with my stamp of approval. although i've heard them compared to neutral milk hotel, i would say a more accurate description would be: the lovechild result of an orgy between nmh and every band i listened to in highschool. vague enough for you?

from until the sadness is gone:

let's not fall apart
new direction
the end