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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3841FFMAA (snap snap!)

this one goes out to all of us suffering through the midterms and other crap.
(snap snap.)
i wish there was some sort of box we could just put it all away in
(snap snap).
i'm so very very lonely
(snap snap)
and i wish that someone would just listen when i talk
(snap snap).
maybe if i talk more?
(snap snap)
i wish we had marketing this semester
(snap snap)
i could smoke you all
(snap snap)
"teenage angst has paid off well"
(snap snap)
oh poetry, i love the way you don't need to rhyme
(snap snap)
like, at all
(snap snap)
(snap snap snap snap)

get it?
(snap snap)

here's some themed tunes:

the format - she doesn't get it
bowling for soup - high school never ends
snap! - rhythm is a dancer

and just for fun, i thought i should throw this one up again: (jt! jt!)
justin timberlake - sexy back (remix feat. clipse)

ALSO: not that this has anything to do with my class, but apparently, this is a clip of the new gwen stefani, sweet escape (no right click, it's rapidshare) via