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Monday, October 09, 2006

how very appropriate

it's funny, because i really didn't even intend for this to happen (it's reminiscent of when my vitamins and allergy pills ran out at exactly the same time), but i figure we're at about post #100 (assuming you take out the ones where i say i can't post, and you'll have to wait). so i wanted a post to say thanks. and it's (canadian) thanksgiving. and i'm rambling. but i think the rambling is what makes you all keep coming back. but anyway, i wanted to do something special. and while this may be way less special than what i wantedto do, here's a pantload of music for you to enjoy. (and yes they may have been posted here before, but never in ONE PLACE AT THE SAME TIME) ***and yes, i wrote this all yesterday, so it's even more very appropriate, that i was once again, ezarchive's bitch, and had to wait until today to post this***

figurines - the wonder
junior boys - in the morning (alex smoke remix)
the hold steady - hot soft light
saturna - springboard
ben folds - such great heights (postal service cover)
chromeo - needy girl (bloc party remix)
rusty - wake me
lily allen (feat. sway) - LDN remix
jesse dangerously - heart of a girl
feist - mushaboom (postal service remix)
basement jaxx - oh my gosh (bugz in the attic remix)
basement jaxx - hush boy (les visiteurs remix

and finally, it wouldn't be a celebration without some cat tears