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Thursday, October 12, 2006

label bait

one of my favourite parts of doing ydb is that i get to hear all sorts of shit that no one has ever heard of. and then when i get to get people all excited about new stuff, it's the icing on the cake. today i bring to you a band with no album, no label, and very little class (i joke because i love them, they are actually quite classy). anyway. for the most part, i believe they are annonymous. they live in toronto, one is from WAY out of town, the other from not so far away, and should disclose that i have been drunk with both of them on more than one occasion. i should also disclose that i have listened to their song "sweater" over and over again at at least one house party, while we rolled on the floor laughing. (not at them...with them...it's an important distinction in this case).
i asked anne (short for anne-onymous) to send me a few tracks to throw up here, because it's high time that they got some exposure to the world, and if anyone deserves some label-lovin', it's these two. i am fairly certain that neither would cry too much if you said you liked them.
so if you like the ladies. and more importantly, ladies who make music. and perhaps most importantly, ladies who make anthem style le tigre non-arena rock with a touch of screaming and fun...then you need to listen to this.

from the doll incident:

the creamiest
arcade boy

and this post just wouldn't be complete without: