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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a musical love letter to dawn wiener

mostly, i like the title of this post. well, that and the very idea of sending a musical love letter to everyone's favourite mid-90s indie movie outcast icon. (and if she wasn't your favourite, then you clearly were either running around in the wrong crowds or running around in diapers). i haven't really given too much thought to the wiener dog in recent years, and that just isn't right. she was stylish. she was smart. she was cool. she was completely deluded in the most awesome way possible, which was why, regardless of any disturbing moments in the movie, she will always have a place in my heart. even though, in the real world, she would probably be either a high priced dominatrix or a bitter elementary school part time librarian who goes home to 20 cats at the end of the day. or maybe she's exactly the same, only older. she probably puts on air band fashion shows in front of her mirror, using her hairbrush as a mic. she makes friends with the people no one else does. she talks to trees. she cuts pictures out of magazines. she makes all her own clothes, and they look liked they came through a time machine that was built by deeelite and the cast of the partridge family. she doesn't seem to notice that everyone else is noticing her for all the wrong reasons. in short, she's better than all of us, because she's letting her weird little freak inside live freely on the outside. god bless you dawn wiener, whereever or whoever you might be. here's my musical love letter to you:

blitzen trapper - on a dime
the daylights - if words were bullets
prophet omega - get by
some action - don't you look for me
princeton - the indifference curve
rob blackledge - one step
the morning benders - grain of salt
beulah - if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart