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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this one goes out to your mom

ok, a) $10 threadless sale (only until wednesday...HURRY YOUR ASS UP)
b) i am so over my head busy these days, it has ceased being merely funny and has moved into side splittingly hilarious territory.
c) this one doesn't really go out to your mom
d) however, this one does go out to the following people:
those of you who enjoy the ass shaking (both the partaking in and viewing of)
those of you who harass me for not going to barcode
those of you i harass for going to barcode
those of you who enjoy the JT
those of you who really wish they were in the gang
those of you are
e) your mom. yeah.

all listing aside, here's some stuff that i am either constantly hitting repeat on or in a constant state of wtf with. seriously. sound of music? what?
although it's gwen, so i think this is maybe going to be like hollaback girl, where it will be cool for 10 seconds, and then the backlash will come fast and furious. my advice? enjoy it now, before you hear it so many times you want to gauge out your eyes. (well, maybe more your ears...unless you can hear with your eyes...oh man i need a vacation)
yeah yeah...music.

(if you've sent me music in the past 2 weeks, i am not ignoring you, i am just currently a slave to the shackles of time...)

justin timberlake - my love (goulet's d-cup send up)
gwen stefani - wind it up
shareefa - cry no more
lady sovereign - love me or hate me (remix with missy elliot)