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Thursday, November 02, 2006

CMJ contest time (hurry your asses up)

ok, first off, if you want to go to this:

NY2LON (new york to london) party over at Northsix featuring Silversun Pickups, The Little Ones, Illinois, Oh No! Oh My!, The Phoenix Foundation, The Heights and DJ’s Franki Chan, Crystal Castles, and The Husky Gentleman

then here's what you have to do. i have two spots available on the guest list, courtesy of the fine folks at +1 music. the first two people to email me either

a remix of cry me a river


any song featuring the words "crying, crying"
get on the list. get it? got it? good. (and hurry, because as you may notice, it is currently thursday, and the whole shebang takes place on saturday)

and in music news...here's some tuneage to get you in the mood (not the jt mood, mind you, the CMJ mood)

illinois - nosebleed
the heights - night relay
the phoenix foundation - sister risk