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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

global tv clearly owns my heart

(sorry if the posts during my big comeback week are a little sporadic, i'm doing weird odd jobs in addition to my regular job, and trying to find a new job. job job job. i apologize. and now i apologize for interrupting your musical pleasuring via ydb...)

so as a friend had mentioned to me recently, there's a familiar (to those of us immersed in the late 90s early 00s canadian indie music scene) tune playing over the ads for some new show on global. she was very excited, and now that i have actually seen the ad myself, so am i.
it got me thinking about some other older and for the most part now-defunct bands. bands that made me want so badly to move to halifax. which i did. (don't get me started on how the birdland closed just before i got there, sloan relocated to toronto, and i have NO idea where the hardship post is anymore, and am starting to think maybe they were just a dream)(and yes, i realize they were from newfoundland, but at 18, i had lumped them into the halifax scene). but the music lives on.
and thanks to a ydb reader, i can also now show you that hip club groove is/was SO much more than jizz. so behold below, another snapshot at my musical youth, may it rest in peace, but may it live on in my ipod (which is, by the way, sadly not working currently)

plumtree - go!
hip club groove - shootin' the gift
the superfriendz - 10 lbs
thrush hermit - at my expense

(and ps, it's a donair. while i may be far too old to really want to go back there, pizza corner and the dairy deli will always have a special (albiet drunken) place in my heart)