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Monday, May 14, 2007

i'm back

...and i'm broke ass, so if you're looking to have an event planned, or need to have some "professional looking" marketing materials made, hit me up.

that being said, i had a huge post in mind for my grand return, but instead, i got distracted by a wave of nostalgia brought on by a night spent watching 80s tv intros. what does this have to do with music? well, first watch this:

now download these (cover) tracks from datashat, and relive the days of staring at green font on a black background and feeling like maybe you were from the future...

don't you want me
young folks
cold medina motorbikin'
(and hold on to your hats, because a promise at least a semi-decent post in the very near future)
(also, i DARE you to try to catch up with my massive accumulated points lead on the ongoing set of contests on my brother's blog)
(also, there may be some prizes coming in the very near future, so tell your friends and neighbours)