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Friday, May 25, 2007

requiem for a PIN

so i had all these posts planned out for this week (like, GOOD ones) and then i had a craptacularly busy week, topped off with my bank account getting skimmed. so, monofus press and cartel (band in a bubble)...you will happen next week, when my anger and frustration have subsided long enough to say the nice things i WANT to say about you. for now though, let's just have a moment of silence for my PIN, which i had to change today. it was with me (on this account) for 10 years. and now it is no longer.

Dear PIN,
We went to lots of places. You helped me get money, you were easy to remember, and easy for me to input. You stuck by me through 8 bank cards, and numerous address changes. you will be missed. i hope you have a good time in PIN heaven.

that being said, today's post is going to be quick and dirty. there is one song that i really WANTED to post, the rest are all for you nostalgia tripping folk out there.

first off, as super awesome as blake lewis may have seemed in comparison to the other idols, he looked kind of sad compared to doug e. fresh. and watching his performance, i thought, blake isn't half bad, but he's no rahzel. in that, he made me say "cool" but not "wow"

thus, prepare your mind to be blown if you haven't already heard this:

rahzel - if your mother only knew

and now these are just here because the start of summer makes me want to build a time machine and go back to 1997. (and if you live here or TO, you sort of can...noah's arkweld is playing here on sunday and nxne in a few weeks). enjoy!

the hardship post - my only aim
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stars - hum
jale - not happy
cub - new york city