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Thursday, June 12, 2008

still a knucklehead

i have new hardware, so i am VERY busy making multiple playlists, all with exceedingly (and unnecessarily) cryptic names. some involve long strings of numbers. it's good time. alas, the ipod has seemingly bit the dust, but in between gadgets, i found time to make a pant load of mix cds. here are some of the songs that made appearances, and also: i think you would look super cool if you were playing them loudly at a red light with the windows down. because as we all know, music isn't about art, it's about looking cool.

Coolzey - He Did

tittsworth - easy like sunday mornin (commodores remix)

Ghosthustler - Someone Elses Ride

alphabeat - 10000 nights of thunder

MGMT - Time to Pretend

the hush sound - honey

The Cool Kids - What Up Man

Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal

Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna be Alright

so...how do we all feel about "mixtapes" and "playlists" once or twice a week? I feel very very good about it.

also, keep an eye out while i reveal the awesomeness that is my new toy!